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Team Rosters

1. Team Roster Maximum
It depends on the Match Format consisting of the number of Players (4 or 5) and the number of Games (15, 16, 20 or 25):

  • For 5-15, 5-20 and 5-25 Match Formats, the maximum is 10 Players; any 5 of which play each Round of a Match.

  • For 4-16 and 4-20 Match Formats, the maximum is 8 Players; any 4 of which play each Round of a Match.

  • Substitutions between Rounds is permitted.

    2. Team Roster Additions/Deletions
    Additional Players may be registered on the Night they first play by advising the League Office in writing on the back of white copy of the Scoresheet or 'on line' at the League Website. Their full Name, Mailing and E-mail Address and Phone Numbers of both Home and Work is needed.

    A Player may be deleted because they are no longer on the Team or to make room for adding a Player.

    3. Team Roster 'Freeze'- after December 31st
    All Team Rosters are 'frozen' after December 31st.

    The purpose of ths is to avoid the 'stacking' of Teams in the 2nd half of the League Schedule giving them an unfair advantage over other Teams in all the Playoffs.

    Anyone that cannot field a Team on a regular basis after that date for whatever reason should immediately contact the League Executive who have the authority to approve Team Roster additions. They will review the circumstances and will ensure that any new Players are of the same or lesser Skill Level than those that they are replacing.

    4. Team Rosters - League Playoffs
    Teams must consist entirely of original Team Members who have played the minimum number of Matches as specified by the League Executive.

    5. Team Rosters - Championships
    All Players must be from the same League. The rest varies:

    CCS...Mens Teams.........All..............5 Players - Can be from any Team.
    CCS...Womens Teams...All..............4 Players - Can be from any Team.

    ACS...Mens Teams.........All Others..5 Players - 3 originals plus 2 from any other Team
    ACS...Womens Teams....All Others..4 Players - 2 originals plus 2 from any other Team

    Other Restrictions apply as to the minimum number of Matches played and the Player Rankings of Team Members depending on the Division that the Team is entered into. See the Tournament Brochure for each Championship for further details.


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